Cheshire Carriages - A Hundred Years of History


John S HoughtonJohn S. Houghton built Cheshire Carriages upon experience and expertise gained through the family trade first started by his Great Uncle, R.Stonier early 1900s, and then continued by his father Samuel Houghton 1935. John served as apprentice in the business and in 1960 attained qualification Memb. of the Inst. of Brit.Carriage and Automobile Manufacturers [M Inst.B.C.& A.M.]. Also member of the Instit. of British Engineers [M inst.B.E.].

By the time John succeeded his father in the business, it had already, long before, made a gradual but complete switch over to the 'modern' motor industry. This was an inevitable and necessary part of developing the business, but it was also a natural progression from the horse drawn carriage.

Competition was always apparent in the business with maintenance and repair of competition vehicles being developed at home and abroad. The skills of the craftsman has remained the same even if the traditional materials of wood have been replaced by aluminium, metals, plastics and fibreglass.

He has always kept his active interest in carriage competition so it was also a natural 'progression' to develop this further. Returning to his roots, Cheshire Carriages was born.